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Pictures from Here and There

Here's an assortment of pictures taken by ourselves and our friends, mostly during holidays.

Lidy's brother Frits and his daughter Paula came from the Netherlands and spent several weeks looking around parts of Victoria and Tasmania. They took great pictures and have been kind enough to allow me to use some of them in this collection.

Most of the thumbnails, rather than making a bigger version, will show you a wider view.

Usually there'll be more than one picture, and some pages have lots of text. Big pictures take ages to load, but sometimes it's worth the wait—particularly in the case of the spectacular cave pictures.

With some family pictures, you might like to guess what the complete picture is going to be before you click. Sometimes the tool tip will give you an idea.

Choose a picture.

-Fighting bushfires in Tasmania- -What sort of a keyboard is this? Or is it just a music book?- -Sea gull, shore gull.- -This is Charlie Brown patrolling the boundaries.- -Why is this foot pointing so carefully?- -Meet the platypus.- -A guesthouse in Tasmania.- -Memorial for our dog, Ebony.- -Who is Alex smiling at?- -Jen looks a bit worried. What can she see?- -A wonderland of caves.- -Frits is standing at an entrance--but to what?- -Whose hand, and what's it doing?- -This young parrot has found an unusual place to perch.- -What's this little fluff-ball that Yvonne is holding so carefully?- -Buildings by the Yarra, Melbourne.- -Tasmanian countryside.- -What is it, whose is it, and who's near it?- -A bird's eye view.- -A garden path.- -A bush road east of Melbourne- -What sort of tree is this?-



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