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The Alligators’ Cricket Match

Anita’s Rhymes

If going for a walk one day
You came across a fine array
Of Alligator’s cricket socks
And various assorted clocks,
You’d think it wasn’t really quite
An altogether normal sight,
Unless you were in time to catch
The Alligators’ Cricket Match

This happy annual event
Is held with the combined consent
Of Alligator sporting groups
And local anti-riot troops.

It’s quite an energetic game
And not exactly just the same
As the cricket you would know
Which absolutely goes to show
If rules are never kept the same
You’ll end up with a different game.

For players must all stand on rocks
And carefully remove their socks
And all at once they are allowed
To throw the clocks into the crowd.

Of course the crowd retaliates
By throwing back assorted plates
And everyone gets so involved
The problem never has been solved
Of how to get it back to scratch
And finish off the cricket match.

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