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Eating the Alphabet

Anita’s Rhymes

How do you think that it would be
If you could eat your A.B.C.?
And for breakfast you could boast
That you had D and E on toast,
And a little F and G
Taken with some herbal tea.
Snacking on H.I.J.K.
Could almost take you to midday,
When L and M between some bread
For Lunch could keep you quite well fed.
Small amounts of N and O
Could help to keep you on the go
Until a little P.Q.R
Instead of just a chocolate bar
Taken with a whipped up smoothie
Of the letters S.T.U.V.
Lasts ’til dinner when there’s stew
Of ever tasty W.
BUT... just think how it would be
If when you ate your A.B.C.
The letters were forever gone
And just left to everyone.
Was the remaining alphabet
That you hadn’t eaten yet.
They’d be going round the bend
As you nearly reached the end.
Saying all that must be said
With just the letters X.Y.Z.

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