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About the Author

Anita’s Rhymes

My writing life began in the usual conventional manner. Prizes in Prep school competitions gradually developed into high school magazines publishing poems that mainly revolved around clouds and rainbows.

My teen years followed and suddenly conventionality erupted into the 1950’s version of a Victorian melodrama. This affected my writing style to the extent that by my late teens anything that I wrote could best be described as somewhere between Edgar Allan Poe and Buffy the Vampire Slayer! Luckily for the general public I did not try to get into print at this stage!

I did, however, attempt to submit in my mid twenties, but even though my style had changed once more I could not tempt the publishing houses.

After a break, while creativity was redirected into childcare, I mentally pottered with things like skits and satires for the scouts, church etc. Emboldened by my success with groups, always too kind to send me rejection slips, I once again lurched into gothic mode. After reading a “How to” book I came up with the sort of thing that culminated in having very dear, life long friends turn white at the dinner table. This, I decided, was not the sort of reaction to endear me to publishers and I promptly stopped writing until about six years ago.

In 1998 I suddenly found nonsense rhymes bursting out of me and I wrote about a dozen pieces in a five week period.

Over the next four to five years a short story and more rhymes spilled out onto paper.

I am still ( along with legions of others) trying to develop a style that will have publishers jumping for joy and I feel that at sixty-four years of age I have a lifetime of learning ahead of me.

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