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Noah’s Rap

Anita’s Rhymes

Now, God told Noah, build an ark,
work from early dawn til’ dark.
I’m sending multi days of rain
to flood the earth, and start again.
For Eve and Adam’s motley crew
have left me nothing else to do,
and being good, you’ve won the place
of heading up the human race,
so check out ev’ry beast and bird,
each soaring flock and roaming herd,
and two of each you take aboard,
and do it NOW so said the Lord.
Noah to animals, Beam up guys
lift those heads up to the skies
Rain clouds gatherin’ thick and fast
God’s gonna give the earth a blast,
and if you’re feathered, furred or clawed
or taloned, hoofed or furry pawed
I’ve got a message from the Lord.
All people on earth been chasin’ sin
the devil really took them in
of all of them he made a fool
cos’ hell is hot but heaven’s COOL
Now God, he’s mad, and Noah said,
unless you wanna wake up dead,
just get your bones into this ark
before the sky gets really dark.
Just seemed the rain would never stop
it covered every mountain top.
The whole world got so damp and drear
The fish now needed scuba gear.
Then when the forty days had passed
the rainy season stopped at last.
So Noah asked a dove to scout
and check the situation out
The dove came back to Noah’s hand
because there was no place to land.
Then after seven days went by
Noah told the dove to fly.
Before the dark it flew right back
a tree branch in its haversack.
So Noah knew as time went by
that soon the ground would start to dry.
Then God told Noah, Take the crew
and all the animals two by two
then with your furred and feathered band
Live once again upon the land.
I’ll promise you that not again
I’ll order forty days of rain.
and so you’ll know that’s what I mean
Forever more there will be seen
a bow of colours in the sky
Whenever stormy clouds go by.
So Noah he passed on the word
to ev’ry flock and ev’ry herd
That now the world once more is whole
sit back and let the good times roll.

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