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Sebastian Spider

Anita’s Rhymes

Sebastian the Spider thought a different way he’d choose.
Instead of weaving webs all day he’d take up making shoes.
If everyone buys eight, he thought, I’ll have a thriving trade,
And they will come from miles around to buy the shoes I’ve made.

He soon set up his cobbler’s shop and bought a lot of leather.
He cobbled slippers, boots and shoes for every kind of weather.
He cobbled shoes for dancing and for every kind of sport.
He cobbled for the rich and poor, the tall and very short.

The spider population soon came flocking to his door.
They bought up shoes in lots of eight and sometimes even more.
They found it very hard to walk and run along a wall.
Their shoes kept catching on their webs, they couldn’t spin at all.

Without their webs, they soon found out, they couldn’t catch their dinner.
They always felt so hungry and they also got much thinner.
At last they all decided from the shoes they’d have to part.
They really weren’t a spider thing although they looked quite smart.

Sebastian now realised why spiders don’t wear shoes.
But he had lots of stock to sell or money he would lose.
He didn’t get upset at all, nor did he make a fuss.
He simply sold them to his friend, the blue ringed octopus.

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