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Mostly Invisible Toad

Anita’s Rhymes

Under a bridge by the side of a road,
Lives a mostly invisible blue spotted toad.
And the parts that aren’t spotted are just the same grey
That you’d see on a rock any time of the day.
And only a bit (and it’s grey) ever shows
(Just a very small portion of one of his toes.)

It’s said he’ll grant wishes to anyone who
Will ask most politely at three twenty two.
Some people may say, he will only reply
On a very hot day in the month of July.

Then, others will tell you their wishes came true
When they wore cotton socks of a very bright hue.
And someone else told me, quite plainly, today
It’s not so much when that you ask, but the way
That you stand when you're making your special request,
(like a very large stork on a very small nest.)

But, whatever you do, if you want to achieve
The granting of wishes then you must believe
That all you are asking will really come true
If you ask a grey toad that is spotted with blue.

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