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Untimely Partners

Anita’s Rhymes

All animals who live today in many different lands
From green and fertile jungles to the hot dry desert sands,
Can mingle with each other and quite freely fraternise
And dance the summer nights away beneath the starry skies.
While dinosaurs who roamed the earth in prehistoric days,
Could tango with each other in the hot and steamy haze.
But though both types of creatures may be noble, fierce or wise;
So separate in time are they, they never socialise.

The elephant and kangaroo may waltz with one another,
And the terrifying triceratops can boogie with his brother.
But the tough tyrannosaurus and the brown marsupial mice,
They never were a nimble pair upon the polar ice.
The bulky brachiosauruses may wax enthusiastic
About the way the pterosaurs could trip the light fantastic.
But the brawny brontosaurus and the elegant eland,
They never got to turkey trot across the desert sand.
The lions and the polar bears can slowly dance to soul,
While the happy hippopotamus with friends can rock and roll.
But the dreamy dromedary and the stately stegosaur,
They never had the chance to dance upon the forest floor.

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