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The Video Remote Control

Anita’s Rhymes

The video remote control
Decided to go for a stroll
And wandering around the house
It met a young computer mouse.
Who had been snoozing on his pad
And said that he was very glad
To hear of news from off the line
Because, although it was quite fine
To be the way he was, as such
He didn’t get around too much.
But if you want some website news
A better mouse you couldn’t choose
As he was friendly with the set
That hung around the Internet.
The video remote replied
That though it got around inside
It never really got to tour
The world beyond the big front door,
But now and then it got to chat
With Mrs. Jones’s gardening hat.
And so between them they agreed
That if some input they should need
About somebody down the street
Or what to do about sore feet,
Or how to add or multiply
Or want to know the reason why
Of here or there or big or small
Between them they just had it all.

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