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Random Garden Beasties

Click an image to see the big picture.

honey bee on dandelion flower small bee on thistle flower small bee on thistle flower Black flower wasp Common brown butterfly, male Recently emerged cicada on pin oak trunk Recently emerged cicada on pin oak trunk Grapevine caterpillar Jewel bug on brambles Lacewing eggs on zygocactus Mole cricket in turned soil Mozzie feeding on photographer's knee Praying mantis on garden thyme Praying mantis on plectranthus plant Small stick insect Stick insect on bamboo Large stick insect on bird netting Cocoons covered with barbed hairs Odd-looking snail Odd-looking snail

There's probably nothing here that you haven't seen in your own back yard—except for the amazing three-eyed snail—but have a quick look anyway.

However, I do wish that I had more information about these very ordinary creatures, so if you have anything to add, that'd be great.

Questions or comments? I’d love to hear from you. My email address is here.

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