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Birds in my garden—and in the gardens of friends

Young grey butcher bird Young grey butcher bird eating scraps Young grey butcher bird bathing vigorously Sulphur crested cockies dining on cotoneaster berries Corella parent feeding young one Crimson rosella eating silver birch catkins Pied currawong Galahs exchanging secrets? Laughing kookaburras Rainbow lorikeet in gum tree Australian magpie on garden path Australian magpie Tawny frogmouth sleeping peacefully Spotted pardalote carrying nesting material Australian raven Silvereye in japonica Eastern spinebill in japonica Opportunistic young red wattlebird collecting food from bug zapper Red wattlebird in privet clump Willy wagtail

Australian natives all, so by no means the sum of all the birds we see nearly every day.

Birds are a joy, a frustration, a worry. Can Puss get to them? Usually not, if cats are locked in at sundown. Will they destroy this year's fruit crop? Probably yes. Would our lives be bleak without the sight and sound of them? Too right!

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