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Just for Fun


Please enter your favourite colour and then click the button.

This works with common colour names.(#0000ff)

However, you need to use American spellings. (#000088)

Typing in the word "grey", for instance, may give unexpected results. (#8800f8)

Words that do work include "violet", "beige" and "salmon". (#00f000)

When you need to use two words, type, (for instance) "skyblue", not "sky blue". (#008800)

How the computer writes the names of colours.(#000000)

You'll probably find that the computer won't always understand just exactly which colour you mean. What do you mean by "green", for instance? So that the computer can give the colour we really want, it uses numbers.

Beside each line of big text on this page you see a number, or what seems to be a combination of letters and numbers. Each number starts with a hash symbol, which is on the same key as "3" on my keyboard.

Try typing one of those numbers into the "Favourite Colour" slot. Don't type the brackets, but type exactly what you see between the brackets, starting with the hash symbol. Click the button. (Hitting the Enter key doesn't work.)



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