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Good Contrast

Colours are fascinating. We might love one colour for a garment, but not like it at all for a dinner plate. Colours seem to look different in different lights and in different places. They seem to change markedly according to the other colours that are near them. This page, for instance, looks quite different when seen against a white background. Have a look and see what I mean. For that page to be comfortably readable, the words would need to be black, or at least a darker blue, like this.

 There really is logic and reason behind the strange number and letter combinations computers use to designate colour. This page unravels the mystery.

 This handy chart quickly shows your choice from the "safe" colours. These are the colours which all browsers will show correctly.

 Type in your favourite colour and see how it looks. I've used this script by Eric Stremming so that you can experiment with different type colours and background colours.



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