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Unknowingly Distributing Email Addresses

Don’t accidentally distribute email addresses

I’ve copied this from my original Outlook Express page. It’s something everyone needs to know but lots don’t.

If you want to send the same message to more than one person, please use the bcc (blind carbon copy) rather than the cc (carbon copy) slot to enter the names. Using cc sends a list to every recipient and could make people feel that you are careless of their security.

You may see only each person’s name in your “To” or “CC” line. The full email address of each recipient is included in every copy, though, and is readily accessible.

If you can’t see a bcc slot at the top of the email form on which you’re about to write, click View on the toolbar and click Show all Headers.

Show all headers

Similarly, if you want to forward an email that you feel is of interest to another person, remove names and email addresses from the top of the message. Better yet, copy the pertinent parts of the message into a new email and send that.

Interestingly, forwarding an email can be a breach of copyright. Everything that anyone writes, draws, paints or otherwise creates is automatically covered by copyright unless the person specifically says otherwise. It doesn't have to have a little © symbol. And a work provided for one purpose—e.g. a cartoon for a printed newsletter—shouldn't be used elsewhere—e.g. on a web page—without the permission of the creator.

Please don't think that that means your own work is safe, though. People breach copyright all the time, and proving that something is your original work can be a hassle—or impossible. Get advice on protecting your work before you expose it to risk.

Questions or comments? I’d love to hear from you. My email address is here.

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