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Fancy Headings

If you are using Paint in Windows 7, unless you have turned off "Smooth edges of screen fonts", or have checked "Optimise my computer for best performance", some of these headings can't be made successfully. You may like to try Helios Paint when making shadowed headings or wishing to make outlined text or masks.
Here's a demo of fancy text in Helios PaintThe tutorial for Windows 7 Paint is here.

If you want to make an attractive front page for a report or an assignment, you might like to make a fancy headline. Examples in this section

Shadowed Text

text2.gifThe simplest possible way is to make two copies of your headline, each in a different colour, and drag one on top of the other.


text in four coloursYou can do the same thing with several colours, to get a vaguely extruded look.

Zoomed in Decoration of Capitals

decorated capital ACapital A decorated with flowers and leavesCapital B decorated with flowers and leavesA single capital letter can be decorated pixel by pixel, in Zoom in view. You'd use this in much the same way that a word processor uses a “Drop Cap”, but you'd position it manually on your page in Paint.

Home made drop capTo use it in a word processed document, you'd insert it as an image and remove any space between image and text.

(As this picture shows, your spell checker will probably see a spelling error, because it doesn't recognise the image as a letter.)

Examples of Headings You Can Make


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Easy Background Patterns

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Quick Suggestions for Background Fills

Using Part of a Photograph as Background   Snip from Ocean Photo as Background
Using the Spraycan to Make a Background   Stretched Spray Pattern Background   Massed Flower Background



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