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Demonstration of Lost Fonts

Unusual fonts

Fonts you've used in a piece of stationery or on a web page won't necessarily appear on the other person's computer.

On this page I'll type a sentence several times, each time changing only the words that identify the font being used.
I'll use some of the fancier fonts that are available on my computer.

This done, I'll take a picture of those sentences and paste the picture under the typing.

Compare the picture with the sentences in the text. Note that the size of the text will vary according to the text size you've chosen from the view menu.

This is the Black Chancery font.
This is the Horndon-D font.
This is the border cats font.

a screen shot of the enfonted text above


This issue appears to be even more complex than I've already described. A friend decided to download the Black Chancery font so that he could see the text as I had typed it. Well, it would seem that his Black Chancery and my Black Chancery came from different sources. The text still read as Arial. He then sent me an e-mail enfonted with his Black Chancery and—you guessed it—it appeared as Arial in my computer.

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