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Hello, I'm Jennifer Anne Marie Pappas.

Jen's 2010 page is here.

I'm eleven years and I go to a local primary school. This is a picture of me, taken on my birthday, the fifth of March the year 2003.

I have a part Malaysian, part Indian friend called Tara, a Turkish friend called Cihan, a Korean friend called Daniel and a friend called Flores who was born in the Netherlands. All of my other friends, as far as I know, were born in Australia. I like arts and crafts as well as cooking, playing computer games, drawing pictures and just mucking around with my friends :)

My mum is called Trina, my grandmother is Fay, although we call her Obby, my brother is called Alex. I’ve got sooo many pets. Most are birds, and about twenty finches. sadly our eastern rosella, died early last year. I have two canaries of my very own. We also have lots of fish and I own 3.They are Star, Jasmin and Bubble. Our cats are called Little Cat and Marmalade. Marmalade is a big fat cat, but he's really cute!. He tries to eat my nose and jumps on our other cat.

There are some pictures of our pets here.

I wrote this story.

There are also some pictures of me. If you'd like to see them, click here.

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