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Jennifer's Photos

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...I always enjoy dressing up!...At kinder I got to dress up in a kimono. I loved it! Now, at primary school, I learn to speak and write Japanese, learn Japanese crafts like paper folding and even try different kinds of Japanese food. That's even more fun. We have one Australian teacher who has been to Japan and a young woman who has come here to improve her English and help us with her language.

...Alex grabbed me while I was looking at fungus on a log... There was some interesting and mysterious fungus on an old log on the native reserve at Seaford. While I was looking at it, Alex grabbed me. How scary!

I wanted to wear a dress that day, but Mum wanted me to wear “something warm,” meaning long pants. In the end we compromised.

...Jennifer at playgroup... ...Jen showing visitors the bird cage... These are pictures of me when I was about two years old. At playgroup I liked climbing and sliding through pipes, and at home I liked to show people different things in the garden, such as our big bird cage.

...Jen peeping out from the big leaves of the pot plants......Jennifer holding a yellow umbrella... Can you see me hiding amongst the big leaves of the pot plants? It's a nice place to be in on a hot summer day; really cool and green and shady.

Umbrellas are lots of fun. When I was little I used to make a house with four or five of them, but people always complained because the umbrellas would blow away and get broken. I had to just take one, hold it over my head and dream about making houses.

...Jen having her face painted at the school fair......Jen with her face painted to make her look like a puppy... When we have a fair, there's always a face painting stall. I really liked it when I was painted as a puppy. They even painted a little pink tongue at the corner of my mouth!


...Jen is smiling with glee as she explores the junk boxes......jen holding a large pink shell to her ear and listening intently... Once when I was very small I helped Mummy and Obby sort through a lot of junk from the shed. There were all sorts of new and exciting things in the boxes, and my favourite was a big shell. I held it to my ear to hear the sound of the sea. There was definitely some sort of noise in there!

...Jennifer showing us the sign that tells where to see the raptors......Mummy feeding Twisties to a wallaby...Here I am at the Sir Colin Mackenzie Sanctuary, which we always call Healesville. We all wanted to see the raptors being fed and I'd just discovered how to find them.

The little girl feeding a wallaby looks a lot like me, but it's really a picture of Mummy. You aren't allowed to feed the animals these days, because junk food spoils their diet and can make them ill.

...Trina......Trina laughing because she has a new rain hat... Here's a picture of Mummy now that she's a grown-up, and another picture of her when she was a little girl. It was her first day in a bright yellow rain-coat and rain-hat. She had bright yellow boots too, although you can't see them in the picture.

...Jen helpless with laughter... ...Jennifer in her favourite hat... Mary's mummy took this picture of me and Ollie. Ollie is a very playful dog. In this photograph Ollie got on me and he wouldn't get off.

The other picture is me in my favourite hat. It's a good hat for being Sun Smart, but it's very floppy and it makes me laugh.

...Jen dressed as a swagman... ...Jen playing on our equipment... I dressed as a swagman for something special at school. I had bowyangs and a billy-can and a hat with corks on strings. The corks are meant to scare away flies. When Obby put me up on the table to take this photo, she said, “Don't tell your grandmother or she'll go crook.” That's a bit silly. Obby is my grandmother.

When I get home after school I just like to relax. Here I am down at the play equipment.



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