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Missing Pictures in Windows Mail

Generally, the same rules for embedding pictures apply in Windows Mail as in Outlook Express.

However, in Windows Mail there's one extra thing that may cause your pictures to be replaced by red crosses in the body of the email and sent as attachments instead. You may have inadvertently hit the Send button while you were looking at a Preview of your email.

In Outlook Express, as in Windows Mail, you can click the Preview tab to see how your email will appear when received. If you should then click the Send button, you'll see this notice.

Warning in Outlook Express

OK. It does say "Editing the source" when you're actually looking at the Preview window, but the important thing is that it prevents your sending from there. Windows Mail does not carry this warning, and it allows you to send from the Preview window, but without embedding your pictures. Instead, your pictures will be sent as attachments.

So, be very sure, when you've embedded a picture or several into your email, that you have the EDIT window at the front when you try to send.
To have your email sent exactly as you intend, you must send from the Edit window.

Edit tab in focus

This is how the tabs at the bottom of your email should look when Edit is "active" or "has the focus". This is how it should be before you press Send.

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