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OE Mistakes

My Stationery Still Doesn't Work!

Stationery won't work fully if your recipient reads their emails on the web. See Web Mail

If you have Windows Live Mail 2011, there is no provision for stationery.
This Windows 7 forum tells what you can do about it.
Here's the site for downloading the older version, Windows Live Mail for XP.

A few things in Outlook Express don't work in quite the way you have the right to expect. Disappointments regarding sent stationery are often due to one or more of these.

Play Safe

If you've spent time and care on a piece of stationery and you want to be sure that your email arrives exactly as you designed it, go about it the long way:

The Format Menu

Once you've started writing an email, you can click on the Format menu and change the format from Plain Text to Rich Text (HTML). That option does work, so if you've just decided that you want to use some underlining or different colours, clicking that button will have the desired result.

After you've changed to Rich Text, more options become available on the Format menu. They include Background > Color, Background > Picture and Background > Sound, and, at the bottom of the Menu, Apply Stationery.

Color works—but look at the colour selection!

Picture works. If you have a background tile you'd like to use, go ahead and add it from here.

Sound sometimes works but more often does not. If you must add sound to an email, this is not a sure-fire way to go about it.

As for Apply Stationery, that really means "apply backgound".

Recent Files

If you click the drop-down arrow beside New Mail, you'll see a list of Recently Used Files.

Most of the time these do seem to work. However, if you've used some complex scripting, sometimes it gets lost along the way. If you've made some minor changes to the stationery, you're likely to get the version before the changes were made.

Things to Remember


Take it easy with sounds. Most people don't like them, except, perhaps, for birthday greetings.


Reduce your pictures before you send them. If you don't know how, read the instructions for photos in email. A picture that's larger than screen size definitely doesn't make sense in a friendly letter.

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