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Australian Raven (Corvus coronoides)

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Three ravens

Three ravens

I've always called them crows, but they're not, they're ravens. Ah well, probably that name fits better with their call, and with Poe's chilling "Nevermore". They can make you feel spooky.

Australian ravens have longer feathers on the throat, which gives them something of a scraggy, bearded appearance.

Ravens are enterprising birds and they like us and the way we live. In the country, pairs of ravens are distributed over a wide area, but in the suburbs, where food scraps abound, their numbers are much greater. They aren't much bothered by the presence of people; disturbed in the garden they're inclined to fly just a little way and perch on a fence or branch, waiting to see what happens next. Sit down near where they are and take out a sandwich and you'll have them within touching distance in no time.