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Australian Wood Duck (Chenonetta jubata)

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Pair of Australian wood ducks

Pair of Australian wood ducks

I wasn't sure that this was an Australian wood duck, since all the pictures I found on the web featured the chetnut-headed male. All the behaviour seemed to match descriptions I read, though, and when I asked on Scribbly Gum, our ABC nature forum, Helix assured me of it's identity.

These beautiful birds landed in the tree at the end of June. We were knocked out by them—and totally astonished when we read about their breeding habits. Little ones are supposed to jump down from the nest site, after which the parents will conduct them to water. Um, wouldn't work too well where we live; we do have a very small fish pond, but the nearest water suitable for ducks is a couple of ks nearer to the town.

The Australian wood duck is also called a maned duck or maned goose.