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Some of Our Animal Friends

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...Biggles resting... ...Biggles watching and thinking....Biggles always sits quietly and keeps out of the way, but sometimes he wishes that woman would put down the wretched vacuum cleaner and pick up a ball! When he does his inspection, though, he's a bit worried about the kitchen floor. Is it shiny enough? Can he walk on it yet? And does it set off his beautiful coat?

...Our cat Toby eating while closely watched by two  bantam hens... ...Toby continues eating when one of the bantam hens joins in... Toby possibly holds the record for the world's thinnest cat.
Nevertheless, he's always happy to share his dinner with a couple of friends.

...The children say goodbye to our dog Scamper... Scamper lived with us for sixteen years and was a truly faithful friend. We're sorry to have lost her, but have plenty of happy memories to share, such as Alex and a very tiny Jen bringing her special food.


...Polly, our Eastern Rosella... ...Polly waits impatiently for a piece of apple... We aren't sure where Polly came from. One day she was just here, walking about right outside the door, stopping every now and then to pick up an acorn. She wasn't disturbed by our presence, and seemed ready to have a face-to-face chat with our cats and dogs. No answer came to the ads we placed, so after a week of keeping her in a bathroom we realised that she was here to stay. Now she's an important part of our lives, greeting us with noisy cheerfulness when she feels inclined, and hiding grumpily when she's out of sorts. Thank you, Lidy, for these great pictures of Polly.

...Jessie subdues a large bone.... ...Jack, a miniature dachshund... Jessie the terrier lives in our street and is loved and laughed at by everyone. She enjoys nothing more than a large bone in a sunny garden.
Jack the little red dachshund is my special Friday friend, always ready with a wet and waggy welcome.

...Little cat looking into the bird cage... ...Marmalade the kitten looks indignant at being woken.... Little cat, looking less than elegant, has found a new vantage point for peering into the bird cage. If questioned, he'd assure you that he was checking for mice.
Marmalade is new and naughty. He climbs curtains, leaps on the older cats, demands food at midnight—and is a delight to have in the house.

...The path from the gate in summer, with geraniums and honeysuckle in bloom... ...Lush spring growth seen from the garden gate... Coming through the garden gate gives a view of the bird cage. As this is its western side, we are glad of plants that grow tall and give at least an illusion of coolness. Bamboo is excellent, because it grows prolifically. Uncontrolled, though, it can create problems.

...Luke and Alex climb higher every year... ...Flowers begin to bloom in the sunshine... Once spring is really under way, the garden is full of birds, bees and flowers—and occasionally, as you'll notice if you look very carefully, the trees are full of small children.


...Bantam hens wander and scratch for food... ...Zebra finches gather on a branch, enjoying the sunshine... Finches sit quietly in the sunshine, watching for a handful of fresh greens, or perhaps just waiting to see their cheeky visitor the eastern spinebill come to sip nectar from the pineapple sage. Meanwhile, bantam hens wander freely, searching for food. Chooks and seedlings don't mix well, though. Unless prevented, they'll be eating the beginning of a row of lettuces before the end is planted.

...The garden path in early spring, with growth still neat and disciplined... ...A young silver birch in full leaf... In late winter and early spring there are blossoms and bulbs. Then everything is suddenly bursting with the urge to grow, and in just a few weeks the blossoms have fallen and trees are covered in new leaves; leaves whose fresh colours will soon deepen and darken.



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Created on ... June 21, 2002