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Pirates Night

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Jennifer's school has an annual book sale. This gives us the opportunity, for one week, to buy children's books at special prices. For each book sold, the school receives a small commission. Books are on display in the library for one week, and most of the buying takes place before and after school or during lunch time. During that week, there’s one evening when everyone comes to the library in costume and there are games, competitions and light refreshments.

First, we got into our costumes

...Pretty good hat, this... ...Pretty good sword, too... ...I’m a really fierce pirate.... ...Hmm. What might I do with this?... ...Now I’m thoroughly dangerous.... ...Going outside to swash and buckle...

went out to the garden

...Ahoy, me hearties, where’s me Smarties?... ...Can’t I join your crew? Please, please, please?... ...Marmalade wonders just what's going on... ...OK. You can join in.... ...Really, it’s all too boring for me....

At first we thought we might practice duelling, but we were interrupted.

...Preparing for a duel... ...A new pirate appears on the scene..... ...See? It’s just Mum.... ...I like you better without the hat....

Off to the school for fun and judging

We're lucky. Jen’s school is a five minute walk down the road, with only one small residential street to be crossed. Alex's school is half an hour away by car, train and bus.

Outside the library, we met some of Jennifer's friends.

...and so we set out for the school... ...Outside the library with Ashlee and Jessica Beadle... ...The judging begins... ...Cihan won a prize for his costume... ...A bit of swash-buckling in the courtyard...

Jen won a “Best Costume” prize, and so did her friend Cihan. Each of them received a $10 voucher—to be spent on books, of course.

Out in the courtyard we were given drinks and biscuits. The walls of the courtyard are bright with paintings about “Under the Sea”. While we had our “Poet in Residence”, who concentrated on an undersea theme, the whole school cooperated in the painting, each class doing a small section. Although the centre of the courtyard is open to the sky, the walls are under cover, so we expect to have these paintings making grey days sunny for many years.



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