Small patterns 2
40 x 40

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Hovering over a tile image will show you what it looks like as an all-over pattern.

To save a tile, right click on it and choose Save Image As, Save Picture As or something similar. (All except dub26--marked in tooltip-- are under 1kb)

dub01.gif dub02.gif dub03.gif dub04.gif dub05.gif dub06.gif dub07.gif dub08.gif dub09.gif dub10.gif dub11.gif dub12.gif dub13.gif dub14.gif dub15.gif dub16.gif dub17.gif dub18.gif dub19.gif dub20.gif dub21.gif dub22.gif dub23.gif dub24.gif dub25.gif dub26.gif

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